Effective Rolling With The Cigarette Rolling Machine

Smoking products are among the consumer goods with the strongest price increases in recent years. There is no end in sight. Many smokers therefore opt for rolling because they know that it will reduce their expenses by 50 to 70%.

Effective Rolling With The Cigarette Rolling Machine

Smoking products are among the consumer goods with the strongest price increases in recent years. There is no end in sight. Many smokers therefore opt for rolling because they know that it will reduce their expenses by 50 to 70%. You can see this in the ever-growing number of practiced tampers. Do you want to be one of them? In our blog post, you will learn a lot about the use of high and low priced cigarette tampers, without which rolling is difficult. Or are you interested in a cigarette tamping machine for long-size filter tubes? All devices help to form homemade cigarettes from plugging tobacco and filter tubes in a few simple steps. Our blog post will make you a pro of cigarette stuffing machines and the method of cigarette stuffing - we promise!


Manufacturers offer versatile devices, from compact manual entry-level models to expensive electric machines for advanced users. You have never made self-stuffed cigarettes before? Then we advise you to start with an inexpensive cigarette stuffer. The machine is enough to test whether plugging is something for you and which filter sleeve suits you best. If at some point you decide to buy one of the luxurious models, then the investment in the inexpensive machine was certainly not in vain. After all, they're ideal for when you're on the go.


For rolling beginners, there are small and inexpensive devices like the Break cigarette rolling machine. You can get it for 3,95 €. It is hardly bigger than the filter tubes you put into it. Accordingly, this cigarette plugging machine weighs next to nothing. But it is also high quality and lasts almost a lifetime. The OCB tamper even comes with a tamper that makes it easier to distribute the tobacco in the machine's cavity. It also comes with a replacement tip.

The disadvantage of the inexpensive devices is that they tamp with not so much pressure. This causes the cigarettes to lose some of their flavor. It helps if you tap the cigarette a little with your hand on the table after plugging, so that the tobacco is compacted better. The filter should point downwards.


Wherever a little more quality and a little faster rolling should be possible, an expensive manual cigarette rolling machine is worthwhile. They are made of high-quality materials, usually metal or sturdy plastic. This guarantees a long service life - even for heavy smokers. A good cigarette plugging machine also has a rubber base or several non-slip knobs. This increases the stability of the machine. Without this extra, every lever movement would cause the machine to bend 90 degrees.

Furthermore, some machines score points with an integrated cigarette box, so you don't have to put the finished cigarettes on the table. Other models supply filter tubes as freebies, which serve to convince smokers to use their own filter tubes. Of course, they should not be the decisive criterion. After all, filter tubes in a pack of 200 hardly cost more than €1.00, for example the Mark 1 King Size filter tubes.

Another plus of the expensive cigarette rolling machine is the availability of spare parts. You can order them from the manufacturer and install them in the machine by hand. Especially the springs, which are tightened or loosened again with each lever movement, are wear products. After thousands of cigarettes, they eventually give up the ghost. Changing the springs takes only a few minutes. Fortunately, the other elements of a good rolling machine are more or less indestructible.


King Size and Extra Size filter sleeves are the most sold filter sleeves on the market. With Extra Size you can save the most money on rolling, about 10% more than with King Size. This is because extra-size filter tubes take up less tobacco due to their longer filter and reduced filling space. So every tenth cigarette is free!

However, this also means that not every filter sleeve fits into every rolling machine. Separate rolling machines are available for extra-size filter tubes. There are also combination machines. They allow both king-size and extra-size filter sleeves to be tamped. These include the Gizeh Vario tamper and the OCB Duomatic tamper.


You only need three things for the ultimate smoking experience: a hand-operated rolling machine, rolling tobacco and matching filter tubes. Then you're ready to go.


A manual rolling machine works very simply. Before using it, make sure that the machine is as stable as possible. Then you don't have to hold it when you operate the lever. Now you put the right amount of rolling tobacco into the cavity. It is exactly the right size to hold the amount of tobacco that needs to be pressed into the filter sleeve. It is about 0.8 g. You should stick to this amount. If you put in too much tobacco, the filter sleeve will not be able to hold it. If too little tobacco gets into the filter sleeve, the cigarette will not taste good or will bend easily.

After filling, you clamp the filter sleeve onto the holder and press the lever. This movement transports the tobacco into the filter sleeve. And that's it. After a few minutes at the latest, you will know how to work with the rolling machine. You can find detailed instructions in our blog post Turning and rolling for beginners. Experienced tampers can easily produce 15 cigarettes in just one minute.

It's best to plug for stock and keep the finished cigarettes in a cigarette case for days to come. Most smokers create a ritual for themselves when they plug, sitting down once or twice a week and preparing the cigarettes for the next few days.


If you have used a rolling machine up to 10 € retail price, you should check before smoking if the tobacco of the cigarette has been compressed tightly enough during rolling. Here is our tip again: If necessary, compress the tobacco after plugging by tapping the cigarettes, filter down, several times on a table. This will make the smoking experience even more intense. Now you have the option of storing the cigarette or smoking it immediately. There is no better or worse. Unlike wine, cigarettes do not need to age, but can be consumed immediately.

Before you put the stuffer away, take a little care to keep it clean. To do this, remove the tobacco residues by hand. If necessary, loosen them first by tapping the machine on the table. If this does not help, for example, because tobacco is caught in the springs, use a brush or similar. Some models come with cleaning brushes for this purpose. You should avoid using water, as moisture promotes rust formation.

When storing the rolling tobacco, the most important thing is to keep it dry. If it gets damp, the rolling machine can stick. It would then no longer be functional. The subsequent cleaning is tedious and time-consuming. You should save yourself this work in any case. The lid of the tobacco tin must therefore always be closed. But you won't be happy if the rolling tobacco is too dry. Potato and apple peels or - because of its neutral odor - a humidifier stone can help to restore the tobacco to its original freshness.


An electric rolling machine is also called a (semi) automatic rolling machine. Our opinion right at the beginning: The purchase of an electric machine is actually superfluous. Even many experienced tobacco stuffers resort exclusively to the manual models. This is true even if they produce a large quantity of cigarettes. Why? Electric stuffers only serve to facilitate the final movement, i.e. filling the empty filter sleeve, by pressing a button. So, you don't have to make any pushing or turning motion with an electric model. An electric motor does that for you.

Filling the tobacco chamber and placing the empty filter sleeve on the holder always remains a manual action. You can do both yourself. You don't have to use a lot of force for this. Furthermore, a manual device is always ready for use and always reliable, since it does not require electricity. Especially for frequent smokers, who are on the road every day and don't want to pre-stuff during the few hours at home, manual devices are indispensable. There is also no question of real time savings with electric machines. Instead, they are more prone to errors. So you can save the money for an electric rolling machine, which is usually quite a bit more expensive.

In our opinion, an electric model is only worth it if you can't do the pushing or turning motion. For example, if you have a handicap on your fingers, go for an electric machine. The electronics will make the work easier for you or even make it possible in the first place. In this case, it is best to choose a machine without a spring. It has several advantages compared to one that works with spring. We will cover this in another blog post.


A quick explanation first so you can remember what rolling even is: when you roll, you use fine cut tobacco, paper leaf, and possibly a filter. You put the tobacco on the leaf by hand, put the filter on one side, roll and finally moisten the leaf with your tongue. You can find detailed instructions here.

The advantages of the rolling machine compared to turning are quickly explained. With the rolling machine, you can work more efficiently, because more cigarettes can be produced with fewer hand movements. As described, skilled tampers can easily produce 15 cigarettes in one minute. Try to do that with a twist! In addition to the time saved, the quality plays a not insignificant role. Because while rolling cigarettes takes forever until you finally figure out how much tobacco to put in a roll, a rolling machine produces uniform cigarettes with an even tobacco density.

Compared to rolling, of course, rolling is also more hygienic. After all, you don't have to moisten any gum with your tongue. This tastes similar to moistening a stamp. In addition, you run the risk of getting tobacco threads in your mouth. Once you've self-poked, you often lose the desire to roll cigarettes. Last but not least, rolling for stock is hardly possible, among other things because the adhesive surfaces of the leaflets do not last forever.


Well, it can happen to anyone. Stuffing tobacco and filter tubes are ready, but where is the stuffer? Misplaced, lost or broken? You have no reason to resign now. Because there is an emergency solution. It allows you to fill the filter sleeve even without a machine. Of course, this requires a little dexterity.

The best thing to do is to find something thin enough to insert into the filter sleeve. For example, you can use a thin pen, a brush or an Asian chopstick. If necessary, you can also use a piece of paper that you roll up tightly. Now you need a small funnel. You can make it yourself by twisting a piece of paper together and fixing it with tape or a paper clip. What's more. Now, using the funnel, transfer the tobacco portion by portion into the filter sleeve. In the meantime, you should use the chopstick to tamp the tobacco every now and then. It sounds adventurous and may be a real test of patience until the finished result. But it works!