How To Use Smoker Box

If you very own the gas-run grill and wanna know how to use smoker box to make it become one, let’s stick to the end.

How To Use Smoker Box

If you very own the gas-run grill and wanna know how to use smoker box to make it become one, let’s stick to the end.

We understand that not all the BBQ fans are fond of purchasing the electric smoker but tend to taste the tasty and yummilicious smoked meat right from their propane or gas grill.

Take note of the fact, that turning the standard gas grill does not take much of the hassle, and only a single tool to purchase off the market.

But still, there are found to be various types of the smoker box for you to evaluate and find what fits best in your case.

All in all, owning the smoker box actually saves you from the money to spend on buying the complete smoker box and the investment just goes useless when you have little use of it and it is thrown into the storeroom for the entire year without being used.

While the propane or gas-operated grills are widely used in all the weather conditions, this little piece of the device named the smoker box would act just like a savior; a savior of the money!

Now, let’s get to know everything about the smoker box from top to bottom!

Types of the smoker boxes

Well before diving into using the smoker box, make sure you are aware of the types of it to ensure which one would fit your needs and the requirements.

For a quick overview of the smoker box in general, the metal-made smoker box generally sits over the grill bars where it would turn heated as the bars get the temperature rising which will eventually smolder the stuff pushed inside the metal box and then will start to emit the smoke to perform its magic.

Out of many, two of the smoker boxes types are commonly used around the world, namely;

  1. Under-grate
  2. Over-grate

1- Under-grate

Generally transformed into the v-shaped box, the under-grate kind of the smoker box happens to be between the burner, bars, or the grates.

Happened to be working just fine to transfer the direct smoked heat to the meat, the under-grate smoker box fits inside any of the propane grills while removing the grates as its size usually does not hit with a hassle which makes it conveniently fit between the space of bar and the grate without amending and tweaking anything.

Easy to stuff the wood chips inside the under-grate smoker box, the placement of the meat is quite convenient because that goes right over the grates where the smoke and heat out of the under-grate box transfers right to the below surface of the meat to turn it into a juicy and crispy piece. 

2- Over-grate

Just by its name, this goes sitting right on the top of grill grates and is generally formed in the rectangular or cubed design while some are made into the tubes or discs shape.

While it is convenient to store such a smoker box, it comes with the drawback as well because of its vents placement as they are set a bit away from the next or below the box that assists to emit out the heat/smoke and not directly reaching to the meat hence, that takes a lot of time to get the meat smoked but the end result would be as yummilicious which you cannot literally feel without tasting it.

Want to go slow and could wait impatiently to taste something nice and juicy, and over-grate kind of smoker box is going to be your best companion.

Types of wood chips for the smoker box

Just wood and the wood chips should be going inside the smoker box you just had owned.

Indeed, there are other fuel types available in the form of charcoal and briquettes but we recommend going with the dried wood chips, and that’s all!

Out of the wood chips, we got some of the best varieties available to prep the meat with the scented aromas.


Sweet in flavor, best for smoking some chicken or the pork; applewood chips would add the freshened taste to feel with every bite.


Wanting to turn the pork and the chicken having a reddish surface, cherry seems to be adding a nice and perfect smell to smoke them expect the fish to really enjoy the yummilicious piece of meat.


Strongest than all, mesquite comes with the smoking woods that possess the best richness of the flavor inside to carefully go with smoking the beef to the level you would never have tasted before.


One popular wood chip available in the market, the heart of the barbecue-lovers being rich in aroma to see the red meat and pork being smoked for you to get your family served with the astonishing meat pieces.

Soak or no soak the wood chips?

Though, you now believe and readied to stuff the wood chips (of your one choice) inside the smoker box (regardless of over-grate or under-grate), soaking them would turn out to become a pure disaster.

Indeed, soaking the wood chips would really make them not catch the fire as well as it would add the acidic and taste being bitter for many and would take forever to smolder the wood to the level it is expected.

So, do not really soak the wood chips at all by knowing every drawback of it and wanting to taste the natural flavor of the wood chips that gets enriched within the meat.

How to use a smoker box?

Before jumping straight towards the conclusion by roughly describing how to use smoker box in quite an instant, there is a couple of detailed information required to understand how to really go with it.

At first, we want the grill to be set up in a way that accommodates achieving indirect cooking where we map the whole grill out and divided it into two zones from the grate surface where the first one would be consumed for storing the heat source and the smoker box whereas the second one will be dedicated mainly for placing the food because we opted to do it just because of one reason is to keep the meat a bit off from the direct heat while enjoy the cooking at low and slow mode to smoke everything from inside to outside.

Make sure to achieve a cooking temperature of over 225F (or 107C). If your grill happens to have multiple burners, go with only one burner at a time while placing the food on the dormant burner to let it smoke up and not catch the heat.

Stuff the smoker box with your favorite wood chip type and place it inside the gas grill while maintaining the water and placing it inside the chamber would not let the meat turn dried and moisture-laden.

Close the lid down and wait for the smoker to start emitting the smoke, and when you do then comes the time to add the meat on the sides to ensure the process just gets started and you are gonna enjoy the awesomely delicious smoked meat, beef, chicken, or fishes in this shivering cold winter.