12 Important Things You Should Know About Running

Gyms all around the world have been closed the entire summer, removing all of our hopes for a 2020 bikini body. Quarantine might be frustrating for some of us, but it’s also helping people explore their outdoor fitness possibilities more. Whether you run in your home on a treadmill, or have a scenic route that you frequent, here’s all the do’s and don’ts you need to know for a successful run.

1. Patience

Patience is everything. New runners, no matter their fitness levels, are bound to feel some soreness. But by slowly and steadily increasing mileage, your goals will start to manifest. Don’t run too fast, and eventually, your body will tolerate longer distances and more powerful sprints.

2. Consistency

You don’t chance your cardiovascular endurance from a job once in a while. A minimum of three days a week is necessary for change to happen. You don’t have to run a marathon – this can be a quick 20 minute run every day, but don’t take long gaps unless you’re injured or sick.


3. Rest

It might be tempting to keep on going on going, but recovery days are a huge part of every runner’s life. This doesn’t mean cheat days – don’t eat a stack of pancakes on every rest day, but let your muscles repair and develop. An extra day off is never weakness – it’s listening to your body and letting it heal.

4. Buy a foam roller

While rest can help you heal, sometimes, nothing can get to those tender muscles like a foam roller. This simple recovery tool is the best form of self massage we know, and it helps you become more flexible and mobile by getting into those knotted up muscles.

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