6 Lies You Should Stop Telling Yourself

We tell lies to ourselves every day and that’s inevitable because lies are one of the many instruments our psyche uses to cope with stress. Whether it’s a small lie to motivate yourself to exercise more (I think I already look slimmer) or a bigger lie to maintain family bonds (the family meeting wasn’t all that bad), we need to use them from time to time. Much more dangerous are the lies you have been telling yourself for years, if not decades. Those lies are actually keeping you from growing and becoming a healthier, happier human being. They are toxic because most of the time you don’t even realize what they truly are! Here are 6 lies you should stop telling yourself right now.

I will become happy after…’

This type of lie has many variations, but the main idea is that something nice will happen after a certain event, change, or action. This type of conditioning doesn’t let you see the truth of the situation you are in and shifts the focus on some better faraway future that will surely come. You will hang onto the job you hate for years, because ‘I will put some money away, and then I’ll go travelling, and then I’ll become happy’. Better ask yourself what is preventing you from doing the things you love right now? Why aren’t you living a happy life? Don’t shift the focus on something that will make you happy in the future, see what can make you happy here and now.

I will start exercising tomorrow’

Of course, I’m not talking about exercise alone – we tend to postpone positive changes in our lives all the time. Whether it’s a healthier diet, going to the gym, going to bed earlier, drinking less alcohol or eating less sweets – you can start right now. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is because getting into a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have a time stamp. Tomorrow won’t be any different from today unless you start making small changes right now. Even if it’s just a plan of a workout you want to do tomorrow morning – sit down and write it out, watch some videos, install apps. Build your motivation, don’t just idly postpone the changes you want to have in your life.

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