7 Ancient Goddesses That Are All About Female Power

Parvati (India)

Parvati is the wife of Shiva, who is part of the Trimurti that creates, preserves, and destroys the whole Universe when the time comes. She’s an exemplary wife, Mother of the Universe filled with care for each and every living being, as well as mother of gods Ganesh and Kartikeya. But don’t be deceived by her pious and loving nature, because when evil deeds or demons disturb the balance in the world, she turns into a feisty, fearsome deity who can destroy the mightiest of beasts. One of her most powerful forms is Kali – the dark-skinned goddess that represents the raw power of Nature and tamas, one of the three main elements from which the whole Existence was created. Parvati is also the embodiment of Adi Shakti, the Great Goddess and the supreme energy from which everything was born.


Nemesis (Ancient Greece)

Nemesis is a Greek goddess of justice and retribution. She reviews all deeds of men and gods, punishing those who did wrong or acquired fortune that didn’t belong to him. She is the force of the cosmic justice, often called ‘inescapable’ or Adrasteia. She was the one who punished Narcissus for his arrogance and made him look into the well, where he saw his reflection and fell in love with it. The affection was so strong that he couldn’t look away and died like that, turning into the narcissus flower. She often appears with a sword in her hand and scales.

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