7 Reasons Why You Need Workout in Your Life (And It’s Not About Weight Loss)

Many of you might cringe when you hear about exercise because it’s been sold to you as a remedy for all ailments, and most importantly – extra pounds. Fit gym models market their bodies as something you should strive for, while yoga teachers stand on their heads and tell you this will make you truly happy. Well, guess what, it won’t. If you go into workout with a sole reason to look like someone else or do some tricks with your body, it simply won’t work. But if you start exercising because you want to feel better, you love your body, and you want to be healthy – then you’re on the right path. Here are 7 reasons why you need workout in your life.

You will feel better

Whatever is bugging you at the moment – boss, kids, relationships, or that extra cake you ate yesterday, it will all go away after you have a good sweaty workout. It’s easy to get used to workout because your body releases a whole bouquet of feel-good chemicals that improve your mood and add more balance to life. We have a whole chemical lab inside our bodies, so why not use it? Even half an hour of exercising will make your body release a hefty dose of endorphins that create a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. You will also look good as a bonus!

Stress will go away

Apart from enjoying a post-workout endorphin rush, your stress level will also reduce. Workout is a well-known stress buster, so if you want to keep your brain, mind, and your whole body healthy – opt for a peaceful, yet powerful session of yoga, go on a run once in a while, take dancing lessons, or enjoy some home exercises. Workout also boosts your body’s production of norepinephrine, which helps your brain cope with stress and stressful situations.

You will rest better

Workout is a great way to relax after a day at work. I mean it! You warm up, your blood flow improves, stress goes away, anxiety reduces, you get a spike of energy that will help you be more productive at home (even if it’s just making dinner and playing with your pet), and after all that your body relaxes and falls asleep without no effort at all. Morning workout can energize you for the whole day, while evening workout can become you go-to sleeping pill. Your body will get used to sound sleep and you will rest much better as a result.

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