7 Things the Moon Affects in Your Life

Humanity has been gazing at the moon for as long as we can remember ourselves. It gave light in the sheer darkness of the night and created special cycles that influenced people socially and psychologically. Today we may not follow those special cycles of the moon, but that doesn’t mean it lost its power to influence our mood and behaviour. Here are 7 things the moon affects in your life.

Feminine powers

In many cultures the moon is perceived as a feminine energy that is deeply connected with the cycles of life and death. Its mysterious, natural powers influence our psyche in many ways, connecting to our unconscious and whatever is hidden deep inside. The moon is always associated with an inner journey and intuition, as well as our emotional body. These are all considered feminine qualities, that’s why women may be more prone to feeling the moon cycles and the changes they bring.

Emotional tides

It’s no secret that the moon creates tides on Earth. We simply wouldn’t have that majestic movement of water without our planet’s satellite. What does this mean for our emotions, though? Our bodies consist mostly of water, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we feel those tidal pulls one way or another. New moons and full moons are especially powerful as they mark the endings and beginnings of the moon cycle as well as lowest and highest tides. If we speak about emotions, it would mean emotional highs and lows along with smaller emotional changes during the cycle.


Full moon

Of course, one shouldn’t blame the moon for the emotional peaks, but it does help bring out supressed emotions and make the ones you have even more powerful. Full moon illuminates the darkness of the night as well as the dark parts of our psyche. This means that some negative or positive emotions get enhanced, which can result in a bit of a chaotic emotional state. Still, this is a great opportunity to revisit whatever is hidden from us most of the time and live through those emotions. Full moon can cause anxiety and tension in the body, so it’s good to take extra care of yourself during this time.

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