8 Fun Quarantine Christmas Ideas

Holidays are going to be very different this year, as we are still in the midst of quarantine and social distancing due to the global pandemic. This means that many people may not be able to see their family members during the holidays, and may even have to stay in their immediate household. Because the most beautiful thing about the holidays is being able to congregate with family and friends, celebrating this year will be hard on people around the world. But there is an upside to this unfortunate situation, we get to use our creativity and focus in ways all the ways we can stay connected with our loved ones for the holidays. For the best ways to use your imagination this holiday season, check out these 8 fun quarantine Christmas ideas.

Visit Santa through video chat.

Social distancing might mean that many kids can’t go see Santa in person this year. But don’t fret, companies like Santa Club are doing video chats with Old Saint Nick this year. You can have multiple kids online at once and also keep a recording of the jolly experience.

Take decorations into high gear.

If you are going to be in your home for the duration of the Christmas season, you might as well get really into your decorations this year. Take all the extra time you will save by not traveling or entertaining multiple guests to turn your space into a true Christmas movie set.


Do a Christmas puzzle.

Puzzles are a great activity during Christmas. The more intricate the puzzle the better, so that you can pass some substantial amounts of time while completing. As this requires some focus, puzzles are great to complete with the whole family in your household, or if you are flying solo for the holidays.

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