8 Spring Fashion Trends For 2020

4.Bringing Sexy Back

Micro tops and bras as
tops are totally in this spring. Embrace your curves and wear those deep
V-necks, dressed with cutouts, corsets and anything that accentuates your inner
sexiness. Lingerie is something you can totally wear out on the street,
probably not to the office, but you know, out and about. And this time the
designers have made it sensual and sexy but not vulgar. Burberry, Mugler,
Givenchy, Tom Ford and other legendary fashion brands have all created some
exquisite pieces that make this trend look hot as hell. We love it!

5. Denim But Make It Vintage

Vintage denim is sturdy,
it can last ages and then be remade into something new and designers like
Alexander Wang, Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Celine and many others have clearly
taken that into consideration. There were a lot of vintage-inspired denim
pieces on the runways that are either made from scraps of denim and look
totally unique. There were also quite a few denim ensembles that just look
super vintage and something you could possibly thrift, we love a fashion trend
that we can thrift.


6.Colorful Vegan Leather Is A Mood

Most of us, when we
think of leather we think black, sometimes brown and on rare occasions white.
But generally, we’re used to natural earth tones when it comes to leather
jackets. Well, first of all, leather is kind of passee unless it’s vintage and
vegan leather has replaced it in many cases. And secondly vegan leather is
going rainbow this spring. Bright colors and monochromatic looks are looking
super trendy. All green leather look? Shades of yellow with a vegan leather
coat? Marni, Prada, Bottega Veneta all say yes to that.

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