9 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Never Do

What exactly is emotional intelligence? Ultimately, it’s the way in which we recognize, understand and manage not just our own feelings, but the emotions of others. Emotions are often the reason for our actions, and impacts the people around us frequently. High emotional intelligence means that you have an increased self-awareness, in this context.

This skill is useful when it comes to developing leaderships skills, meeting deadlines, dealing with tough relationships or personal setbacks, and handling feedback or criticism. It teaches you to deal with failure more effectively, thus thriving in both your love and work life. Emotional intelligence, or EQ, might be a skill you can develop, but sometimes, it’s just about knowing that less is more, in the end. Here’s what you should avoid if you’re looking to enhance your EQ.

1. DON’T: Act Impulsively

Emotionally intelligent people think about their feelings before they act on them. They pause to think before doing something, which stops them from doing an impulsive act in the moment that they might regret, such as insulting someone or physically reacting.

2: DON’T: Ignore Your Mood

Sometimes, you’re just having a bad day, and you trudge through it, waiting for it to be over. But rather than tracking your negative energy all over the place, consider questions like: how does my mood affect my decisions and thoughts right now, and how is this influencing my behavior?


3. DON’T: Blame People For Your Problems

Projecting your feelings is an easy-cop out. We’ve all been there. You’re in a bad mood, or someone pissed you off, and now, everyone around you is feeling your wrath. But taking ownership of your feelings and remaining accountable about them is a form of self-care, while remaining compassionate for the people around you.

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