Factbox-Few suppliers of synthetic graphite for EV batteries

(Reuters) – Although synthetic graphite has been around for more than 100 years, few companies are supplying the material to makers of electric vehicle batteries and battery electrodes.

Here’s a short list of public and private companies engaged in the development and production of synthetic graphite, regarded as higher purity and offering better performance, for EV batteries:

Anovion (USA)

* Founded: 2022 * Partners: Forge Nano, American Battery Factory * Operations: USA

BTR New Energy Materials (China)

* Founded: 2000 * Investor: Syrah Resources * Partner: CNGR * Operations: China, Indonesia

Kuntian New Energy Technology (China)

* Founded: 2018 * Investors: Sinopec, SK China, A123 Systems, Eve Energy,BTR New Energy Materials, Svolt * Operations: China

Novonix Group (Australia)

* Founded: 2012 * Investor: Phillips 66 * Partners: LG Energy Solution, Kore Power * Operations: Australia, Canada, USA

Resonac Holdings (Japan)

formerly Showa Denko

* Founded: 1939 * Operations: Japan

Shanshan Technology (China)

* Founded: 1989 * Investors: BYD, CATL * Partner: BASF * Operations: China

Vianode (Norway)

* Founded: 2020 * Investors: Elkem, Norsk Hydro * Operations: Norway

Sources: Felixwire, PitchBook

(Reporting by Paul Lienert in Detroit; Editing by Timothy Gardner)