The Best Tattoo Kits of 2021

Tattooing is not a new practice. It started many years ago with our ancestors. Today, men and women of all ages have tattoos that symbolize many things. A poll conducted by one Harris in America revealed that three in every 10 Americans have tattoos. A majority have their tattoos for fun. Others use them to mark events or to show their affiliation to various groups or clubs.

The increase in the demand for tattoos presents a good business opportunity for artists. To join this group, all you need is a good business premise. Search around in your locality. You also need one of the best tattoo kits. Many brands are available online. However to get the best set that works well, our top 10 picks stand out. You will enjoy using them on a day-to-day basis.

1. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 2

In the tattoo industry, Dragonhawk has manufactured many quality products for over two decades now. Its experience shows in its products. They are durable. They also have professional-grade designs that improve the works of their users. Rated highly on Amazon, for instance, this complete tattoo kit is one of the best in 2019. If you are looking for an affordable unit that delivers good results, buy yours today. The guns that you get are durable. They are also easy to handle. This makes them ideal for people of all skill levels.

Whilst creating a tattoo, the quality of the ink that you use matters. The low-grade brands available on the Internet degrade easily. They are also toxic, which harms the health of clients. With this kit, however, you get a set of quality paints that make this craft fun. Their ingredients are non-irritant. Because they are safe for humans, you can use them worry-free.

The designs of tattoos have improved over the years. Unlike in the past when people had only shaded tattoos, colored ones have grown in popularity. With this kit, you can do both techniques effortlessly. The two tattoo machines that you get are perfect for shading and coloring. With an original set, you will create clear outlines that your customers will like. You will also shade and color tattoos without issues.

Whilst shopping for a new tattoo kit, keep your clients’ safety in mind. Buy this one, for instance, to get a set of sterilized tattoo needles that you can use out of the box. You also get sterile tattoo tips and an efficient power supply that works with most outlets.

Our Verdict

The tattoo culture has grown significantly worldwide. If you are in this job and want the best for your clients, you need a quality tattoo gun. Even though many brands are ideal, Dragonhawk Complete is the best in 2019. Liked for its cost-effectiveness, most people can afford one. The needles and tips that you get are durable and sterile, while the two guns on offer are the best. You can use them for shading and coloring jobs on a day-to-day basis without problems.


  • Cost-effective tattoo kit
  • Two guns (shading and coloring)
  • Sterilized needles and tips
  • Efficient power supply
  • Easy to use (beginner-friendly)


  • Not for professionals

2. Pirate Face Tattoo Grinder Complete Kit

Pirate Face Tattoo Grinder Complete Kit

Whilst starting tattoo businesses, most people have a tendency to buy low-grade items that disappoint over time. Do not make the same mistake. Cost-effective yet effective kits such as Pirate Face are readily available on the Internet. It stands out in many ways. First, unlike some kits that have only two guns (for lining and shading); you get four machines with this kit. All guns are durable. They are also easy to use and have specialized designs for outlining and shading.

Do most of your clients complain about the quality of tattoo ink that you use? If you can afford a new kit, buy this one. The quality of the ink that you get with each original set that you buy is impressive. All seven bottles ready to use. They are also durable and made of safe ingredients that do not irritate people. Your clients will like your perfect body tattoos.

Pirate Face is one of the safest tattoo kits that you will come across online. The 50 sterilized needles that you get, for instance, are safe for use off the shelf. They do not irritate people, as some low-grade ones often do. They are also of different sizes. This way, you can create many intricate designs without issues. The 100 ink cups you get are also sterile.

Are you setting up a new tattoo parlor? Are you looking for a cost-effective tattoo kit that can help you to start your career well? Pirate Face stand out. Even though cheap, you get all mandatory items for setting up a successful business. Guns, needles, and cups, for instance, are of good quality. You also get a carrying case for keeping personals organized, a 240-page instruction booklet, and an instruction DVD.

Our Verdict

To satisfy the demand for quality tattoos in your shop, you need a quality tattoo kit such as Pirate Face. This is a quality product. The four tattoo guns that you get, for instance, are not only durable but also easy to use. Needs and cups are 100% sterile, while the organization case you get is perfect for traveling. You will also like the seven bottles of non-irritant ink that each original pack has.


  • Four high-quality tattoo guns
  • Sterile needles and cups
  • Portable organization case
  • Detailed instructions
  • Non-irritant ink (seven bottles)


  • DVD not worthy

3. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4

Dragonhawk products are among the best in this niche. Whether you are shopping for the best tattoo design or tattoo equipment, it is an invaluable resource. This complete tattoo kits, for instance, is one of the best for beginners. If you are setting up a new shop, for instance, you will like the four standard tuning on offer. Made of steel, they are durable. They also have durable copper coils and effective designs for various tattooing techniques. If your tattoos have fine lines, shades, and or colors, they will serve you well.

This tattoo kit comes with an efficient power supply. Designed to work with most standard outlets, you do not have to re-wire your electrical system to use it. The 50 pre-made tattoo needles you get are sterile. Instead of risking the health of your customers using one of the cheap brands that are available online, buy this one. They will appreciate your good work for years.

To create tattoos, you need ink. However, because of their questionable quality that some brands offer, artists have poor results. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit is different. The 10 bottles of immortal ink that you get are among the best. They are vegan-friendly. They are also consistent, vibrant, and attainable in large 0.5-ounce bottles that last for long.

Many tattoo artists make house calls to boost their profit margins. If you are one, this product will serve you well. In addition to its quality parts, you get a big carrying case. The case is durable. It is also light and secures items well for easy transport.

Our Verdict

This is not a professional-grade tattoo kit. However, if you are looking for a suitable one for practicing or for personal use, this is the product for you. It is affordable. The pre-made tattoo needles and the four durable tattoo guns that people get are also ideal. You can set them up easily. Most people also find their convenient designs easy to use. This item will serve you well for long.


  • Sturdy carrying case
  • Four long-lasting guns
  • Risk-free guarantee
  • Immortal ink (10 bottles)
  • Pre-made tattoo needles (50)


  • Not for professionals

4. Eyepower Tattoo Kit 2

Eyepower Tattoo Kit 2

Many brands of tattoo kits look the same. However, because of their differences in design and quality, they do not work the same. Premium brands such as Eyepower, for instance, are home to quality products that meet the needs of both professionals and hobbyists. With this kit, for instance, you get two ready-to-use guns for outlining and shading. Both guns are sturdy. They also have quality wrap coils (10) that improve the performance. They never disappoint.

Tattoo supplies such as needles are costly. With many companies not involved in their production, many low-quality ones are also available online. To avoid these issues, buy this Eyepower Tattoo Kit 2. Even though cheap, it comes with all necessary items for tattooing. In addition to its premium guns, you get sterilized needles. You also get a foot pedal and a power supply that works with most standard outlets.

Are you a novice tattoo artist? Are you looking to polish up your skills before working on clients? This tattoo kit will serve you well for many reasons. First, it is cost-effective. You can mess up a few of its supplies without grounding your business. You also get a detailed instruction DVD and a practice skin.

Tattoo kits are in high demand. Many businesses have reported lost tools because of poor storage. Delicate items such as guns are also prone to damage during transportation. With Eyepower Tattoo Kit, these are non-issues. All items are durable. You also get a kit case (with keys) for safe storage or transportation.

Our Verdict

In the tattoo gun niche, Eyepower is a reputable brand with many quality products. With this pack, you get two ready to use guns that last long. The practice skin offered is realistic, while the premium tattoo supplies on offer are invaluable. Needles are sterile. You also get a detailed and easy-to-use instructional DVD.


  • Two ready-to-use guns
  • Premium tattoo supplies
  • Detailed instructional DVD
  • Realistic practice skin
  • Heavy-duty storage case


  • Challenging to assemble

5. Fancier Studio (S-T02) 4 Machine Gun Kit

Fancier Studio (S-T02) 4 Machine Gun Kit

Are you a professional tattoo artist? Do you do it for fun with friends in your basement? For the best experience, the quality of the tools that you use must be top notch. For instance, avoid the low-grade tattoo kits that fail over time. This Fancier Studio (S-T02) model will serve you better for many reasons. The four machine guns that you get, for instance, are among the best. They are durable. They also have versatile 10-coil designs that are perfect for lining, fine lining, coloring, and shading. Finally, these low-temperature guns are safe for use on normal and sensitive skin.

Whilst creating tattoos, people spend many hours sketching on and painting the skin. With one of the low-grade tattoo kits, thus, this is an arduous task. Buy Fancier Studio (S-T02) instead. Its guns are light and comfortable to use. They also have stainless steel grips that ease their control. Whilst tattooing, the risk of them slipping and injuring people is slim.

The reliable power supply that this tattoo kit boosts its value. It is durable. Rated at 110V and 220V, it also works well with most electrical outlets. You can use it with the standard one in your basement without performance issues. Each kit also has 50 sterile needles, four interchangeable tips, and a lockable carrying case.

Do you struggle to find quality paint for your tattooing projects? You will like this Fancier Studio (S-T02) kit. In addition to its premium tools and consumables, you get seven bottles of quality ink as well. The inks are skin safe. They also have smooth and consistent formulae that deliver good results always.

Our Verdict

Quality tattoo kits are in high demand worldwide. To get a valuable one without breaking the bank, consider this Fancier Studio (S-T02) model. Each package has four 10-coil guns that do a good job always. You also get interchangeable tattoo tips and seven radiant tattoo inks for kicking off your tattooing career. Even though convenient, its low-grade storage case does not protect items well.


  • Lockable storage case
  • Four 10-coil guns
  • Four interchangeable tips
  • Sterile needles (50)
  • Seven radiant tattoo inks


  • Cheaply made case

6. Ordertatoo Complete Tattoo Kit

Ordertatoo Complete Tattoo Kit

When shopping for the best teeth whitening kits, most people buy reputable brands. The trend is the same with the best essential oil diffusers. Unfortunately, when shopping for the best tattoo kits, people go for random brands that fail to satisfy their needs. Do not make the same mistake. To get a valuable product that you will enjoy using for long, look for a valuable brand such as Ordertatoo. Even though this kit comes with a single gun, its 10-coil design is invaluable. It is ideal for creating most types of tattoos.

Each package of Ordertatoo that you buy has a power supply. UL-listed, this product is safe. You can use it at home or in your business without issues. It also has an adjustable operating voltage of 110V/120V. Devoid of the type of electrical outlet that you have, therefore, you can use this product without issues. You do not have to rewire your electrical system to use it.

The quality of the consumables that this kit has makes it one of the best for personal or professional use. The 50 artist-selected needles (disposable) that you get, for instance, are safe for humans. They do not irritate the skin. They are also sterile and come ready to use. You also get four alloy tips (3R 5R 5M 7M each) and a waterproof polyester bag for safe storage.

Did you know that the quality of the paint that you use determines the quality of the tattoos you get? Ordertatoo, for instance, comes with eight Iron Sakura ones in large 10ml bottles. Their colors are bright. They are also smooth and easy to apply using the provided ink cups (100). You will like this product.

Our Verdict

With Ordertatoo, you get everything that you need to start a successful tattoo business. Even though cheap, this is a professional-grade kit. Buy yours to get a sturdy tattoo gun that you will enjoy using for long. The disposable needles (50) that you get are 100% sterile, while its eight iron Sakura inks shade the skin well. Furthermore, even though leaky, they come in long-lasting 10ml bottles.


  • Cost-effective tattoo kit
  • Waterproof polyester bag
  • Sterilized/disposable needles (50)
  • UL-listed power supply (110/120V)
  • Eight Iron Sakura inks (10ml)


  • Leaky bottles

7. Dragonhawk Starter Complete Tattoo Kit 9

Dragonhawk Starter Complete Tattoo Kit 9

In the tattoo kits niche, you can never go wrong with the Dragonhawk line of products. Ideal for professionals, for instance, this starter complete kit is one of the best in 2019. You will enjoy using one for many reasons. First, the nine tattoo machines that you get are valuable. Their nine-piece coil wrap (10) designs, for instance, are durable. They do not break and or degrade as fast as some low-grade models often do. They also have adjustable 7-10v designs that you can set or lighting and shading. This is desirable.

Reputable worldwide, the quality of the consumables that this Dragonhawk kit comes with are impressive. The 25 immortal ink that you get, for instance, will serve you well. They are smooth and vibrant. They are also consistent and have vegan-friendly ingredients that do not harm the skin. You also get 304 steel tips (interchangeable), 50 disposable Dragonhawk needles, and quality practice skins for honing your skills.

The LCD power supply that comes with this tattoo kit is a safe day-to-day item. It does not leak voltage as most low-grade models that are available online. It also has short circuit protection and a versatile design that works well with most power outlets. This makes it one of the best tattoo kits for professional use.

The quality of the equipment and consumables that you get with this kit are among the best. Furthermore, you do not have to break the bank to own an original set. Dragonhawk Starter Complete kit is cost-effective. Individuals of all cadres can afford an original one.

Our Verdict

Dragonhawk Starter is a dependable tattoo kit with quality components. Each pack has nine 10 coli tattoo guns. You can use them to create most types of tattoos without issues. Its power supply is reliable, while the 25 bottles of immortal ink are ideal. They last long. They are also non-irritant and work well on most skin types.


  • Reliable power supply (LCD)
  • Sterilized needles and tips
  • Nine 10-coil tattoo guns
  • Bottles of immortal ink (25)
  • Sturdy storage case


  • Misses transfer paper

8. Eyepower 8 Gun Premium Tattoo Kit

Eyepower 8 Gun Premium Tattoo Kit

Avoid the unorthodox or homemade devices that some people use to create tattoos. They are injurious to the skin. Sharing such items also increases the risk of transmission of blood-borne diseases such as HIV. Buy a premium tattoo kit such as Eyepower instead. For just a few dollars, you get eight wrap coil (10) guns for making most types of tattoos. The guns are durable. They are also safe and attainable ready to use from Amazon. They will boost your tattoo business.

Tattoo making is a rewarding job. However, to work well on skin, you need to practice as much as possible. This tattoo kit grants you that opportunity. In addition to the quality guns that you get, it has a detailed instructional DVD that covers all the basics of tattooing. You also get a quality practice skin that mimics real skin. Over time, you will be a master of this art.

With Eyepower 8 Gun Premium tattoo kit, you get all necessary items for starting a successful tattooing business. The power supply that you get, for instance, is not only durable but also efficient. You can use it in most locations without issues. You also get needles (sterile) and a foot pedal that works well.

Do you have a challenge storing or transporting your existent tattoo kit? Replace it with this model. In addition to its quality guns and consumable, you get a premium case for storage. They case it durable. It also has secure storage for all items and a lock.

Our Verdict

As its name suggests, Eyepower is a package of eight wrap-coil tattoo guns that makes tattooing fun. If you have poorly balanced guns that frustrate you on a daily basis, this is the product for you. It is also affordable and comes with all mandatory items for tattooing. The lifelike practice skin offered, for instance, is ideal. You also get an instructional DVD and quality tattoo needled (sterilized).


  • Eight wrap coil (10) guns
  • Sterilized tattoo needles
  • Lockable carrying case
  • Detailed instruction DVD
  • Quality practice skin


  • Cheap binding posts
  • Low-quality coils

9. Rehab Ink Tattoo Kit

Rehab Ink Tattoo Kit

Venturing into the tattoo industry is not as complex as some people think. If you have mastered the theory of this job, all you need is a quality tattoo kit to set off. This is not hard either. Quality tattoo kits such as Rehab are readily available online. Buy one to get a complete tattoo kit and supply set that never disappoints. The tattoo machine that you get, for example, is durable. It also has a versatile design that comes assembled (with needles) and ready to use.

Tattoo guns are electricity-powered devices that make tattooing fun. You get the best one with this kit. You also get a well-engineered power supply that improves their performance. Whilst working, you can easily adjust the voltage of your gun to get your desired results. The power supply is also safe and designed to work well with most types of electrical outlets.

To help you practice, this kit has for shots of ink that you can use on demand. The ink is of high quality. It is smooth, for instance. It is also consistent and has safe ingredients that do not harm people over time. Buy a new kit from Amazon. You will get ink caps and a stand as well.

This kit is not as frustrating to use as some similar ones. All items are simple and easy to use. The instructional eBook that it comes with simplifies the process further. Over time, you will be able to set up this tattoo kit in a flash. You will also produce professional-grade tattoos and attract many clients.

Our Verdict

Liked by individuals and professionals alike, Rehab Ink tattoo kit stands out in many ways. If you are looking for an affordable kit with a versatile tattoo gun, for instance, this is the product for you. You also get quality ink and sample tattoo designs that you can modify to satisfy the needs of your clients. Do not hesitate to buy yours. Even though loud, you get a good all-around tattoo kit.


  • Versatile tattooing gun
  • Safe shots of ink (four)
  • Premium power supply
  • Sample tattoo designs


  • Gun has low-grade motor

10. Redscorpion Complete Tattoo Kit

Redscorpion Complete Tattoo Kit

What makes Redscorpion better than most tattoo kits available online? If you are planning to buy one, do not hesitate. Ranked among the best tattoo kits in 2019, you get many quality components that will improve how you work on a day-to-day basis. The two-piece coil tattoo guns that you get, for instance, are valuable. If you have bought many low-grade models that have broken over time, this set will serve you well. They are durable. They also have customizable designs for lining and shading tattoos. Finally, they are quiet and have safe low-temperature designs.

As most kits that we have reviewed herein, Redscorpion comes with free ink. Like its guns, the seven bottles that you get are valuable. Their formulae, for instance, are smooth and easy to use. Ingredients are skin-safe. Finally, their radiant colors improve the value of the tattoos that people create.

When creating tattoos, people use consumables such as needles to spread ink. With this complete kit from Redscorpion, you get these items too. The 10 disposable tattoo needles that you get, for instance, work well. You also get 20 disposable tattoo tips, a tattoo shop, and 20 disposable tattoo grips. If you are setting up a shop, this is a good kit to buy.

Many people avoid quality tattoo kits because of their exorbitant prices. If you are one of them, buy this product. Perfect for professionals and hobbyists, it is an affordable kit. The guns and consumables that you get are also the best. Order your kit from Amazon.

Our Verdict

Redscorpion Complete does not come with a travel or storage case. However, the quality of the products on offer has made it a sought-after brand in this niche. You will like the two tattoo guns on offer. They are durable. They also have customizable designs that benefit people of all skill levels. This is a complete kit. In addition to quality guns, you get a reliable power supply and disposable needles (20).


  • Customizable tattoo guns (two)
  • Powerful and reliable power supply
  • Disposable tattoo needles (20)
  • Disposable tattoo tips (20)
  • Cost-effective complete kit


  • No storage case

Buy the Top Tattoo Kit for Personal or Business Use

Tattoos are popular among people of all ages all over the world. If you are a skilled artist who wants to delve into this industry, buying a quality tattoo kit is important. Here is a detailed guide on how to do this:

 Gun: Whilst making tattoos, the gun is one of the most important items that people use. It secures needles. It also generates the motion needed to punch ink into the skin. Before buying a kit, therefore, check the quality of the guns on offer. How many guns are you getting? The more the tattoo guns the better. Are they quality items? Look for guns made of quality materials such as stainless steel. They are durable. They are also easy to handle and very easy to maintain after use.

 Consumables: Whilst tattooing the skin, you will use consumables such as tattoo tips and needles. Once you have determined that your preferred kit has quality guns, check its consumables. Does it come with needles? A good product should have a quality set of needles that you can use to practice or work. You should also look out for tattoo tips and importantly, the quality of the power supply offered. For the best results, you should not sacrifice quality for cost.

 Ease of Use: Look for a complete tattoo kit that you can use easily. If you are a novice, for instance, you should be able to set up and use tattoo guns easily. You should also be able to set up and use its consumables without compromising personal safety. Check the reviews of other users to ascertain this.

 Storage: Tattoo kits have many delicate items. Items such as needles are also prone to contamination if stored poorly. Before you buy a tattoo kit, thus, make sure that it has a sturdy case. This eases storage. You can also transport it easily to and from home.

Conclusion: Do not settle for one of the poorly engineered tattoo kits that sell for peanuts online. To do a good job always, the quality of your tattoo kit of choice must be top-notch. It should also be safe and recommended for day-to-day use. The 10 tattoo kits that we have talked about meet this threshold. Buy yours to improve how you make tattoos at home and or in your business.

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