Bohemian Summer: How to Wear the Boho Trend Right

Boho as a style has been coming and going in fashion for a while now, and it looks like this summer Boho is in again. Except this time it looks cooler than ever, it’s sophisticated yet perfect for every day. So if you like the bohemian esthetic, but aren’t quite sure how to pull it off, and want to look like a chic 2020 boho girl, and not like an 80s hippie – here are a couple of tips on what’s in trend and how to wear it right.

1. Fabrics

When constructing boho-chic looks, choosing the right fabrics is important. Boho as a style started out in the 60 and has evolved over the years. But it always focused on light breathable fabrics, something like cotton, linen, lace. Boho also always had an undercurrent of ethical clothing that’s environmentally friendly, so take that into account when choosing pieces for your boho look.

2. Patterns

When it comes to patterns your best choices are paisley print that’s always been a classic with boho lovers, embroidered designs on simple light dresses and shirts, and of course, lacy elements on summer dressers are a good choice too. But don’t go overboard. You don’t need to layer every single boho print in one outfit. Choose one statement piece with a pattern and keep the rest simple – that’s the key to looking boho-chic.

3. Cuts

This is where everything could go wrong if you don’t pay attention. You can have the right fabric and pattern but if you don’t get the right cut and silhouette you can easily start looking like you’re a bad flashback from Coachella 2004. While in the past boho was all about flowing silhouettes and rather shapeless maxi skirts and weird long floral kimonos with lacy edges – it’s not what boho looks like now. You still want an outfit that doesn’t feel constricted and you can move freely in, so it’ll be loose, but now it’s much more minimal and a bit more structure to show off your figure. Think modern midi dresses, if it’s a maxi skirt – pick one with a slit, 70’s bell sleeve dress, but just in on color. Everything in moderation.

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