Creating Braided Hairstyles As An Art Form

Now seems to be the perfect time to learn how to do complicated hairstyles. If you’re stuck at home and feel super bored this will definitely alleviate your boredom, give you something to do and you’ll pick up a useful, fun and actually marketable skill in the process. Who knew there were that many ways of braiding one’s hair? But when you see these pictures you’ll understand that there are actually infinite ways to create braids and the variety of braids is so vast that you’re bound to find a style that you’ll love even if you’ve never liked braids before. However, we think it’s fair to say that while you can learn to do any braid, some of these are impossible to do on yourself and you’ll need a helpful participant or a mannequin head and a wig to learn. And here’s a curveball, not all braids actually look like what you imagine braids to look like. Just take a look below.

1. Braided flowers are actually way simpler to do than you imagine. It’s all about creating a simple braid and then pulling out the sides to give more volume and pinning it in the shape of a flower.

2. If you liked the three flowers above you might like the idea of creating a whole bouquet of flowers from hair and, as weird as it sounds, we fully support that idea. Hair flower bouquets for the win.


3. Doesn’t this look like the most awesome hairstyle you’ve ever seen? It’s pretty cool, but honestly, there’s so much more to come that it’s hard to pick favourites. But Milena, the girl who does this is clearly on a whole new level when it comes to hairstyles.

4. Apparently, this is what a six-strand fishtail braid looks like and we’re just blown away by the sheer creativity and how amazing this looks. Someone, please wear this hairstyle for a red carpet event.

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