How The Novel Coronavirus Has Impacted the Fashion Industry

The Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 has become quite a topic of discussion and a source of panic for many. As the virus spreads and the number of confirmed cases piles up many are beginning to worry about the impact this will have on their personal life and the world in general. We’ve already seen people in Europe going crazy and stock-piling on certain products, leaving the supermarket shelves empty. We know that this limits travel and lots of people are choosing to change their plans and stay home. We could have predicted that this will massively impact tourism. It’s already causing certain big events, gatherings, concerts, conferences and festivals to be cancelled or postponed because big gatherings aren’t a good idea and it can cause the virus to spread even faster.


what most of us didn’t think of was how this will impact the
fashion industry. At first glance, it seems like the novel
coronavirus has nothing to do with the fashion industry until you
remember that hey, Fashion Week is a big gathering of people. While
the Milan Fashion Week wasn’t cancelled, Armani’s show happened
in an empty theater. Is this the first bell? Is this how other
fashion weeks will go on this year? Or will it all be cancelled?

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