Jacquemus Grandma in the Look Book for his New Collection

We previously wrote about Simon Porte Jacquemus thanks to his unique take on artsy faces made out of household items. You might know this designer thanks to his chic outfits, and the fit models that usually wear them on his Instagram.

But with quarantine going on, many photoshoots are on hold. So this designer decided to employ his own family members as the models for his latest designs instead. This time around, the star of the Summer 2020 look-book is a little bit different than your standard model. Spoiler alert: it’s his grandma. Jacquemus’s grandmother’s name is Liline, and she’s our latest obsession.

If you’re throwing shade at that, you clearly have no sense of style or class, because this grandma is the coolest and the most beautiful look-book model we’ve seen in a long time. With the soft light and the natural set, no couture shoot can match the energy of this photo series. Also, can we get a shoutout for those striking silver roots?

Her years of wisdom and casual poses in the stunning designs (look at that slammin’ granny bod) make for a gorgeous look-book. The series of photographs was shot with the designer’s own smartphone. Fashion titans should really consider doing this more often instead of with a high-end camera. It comes across as more realistic and relatable than some size zero fashion fantasy anyway!

The background was dreamier than a pre-planned photoshoot, taking place in the French countryside. Think garden of Eden with candy colors and pastels. A botanical runway show, if you will. We can’t wait to see what else he does with the garden for future shoots. Also, how could we compliment the scenery without its most important accessory – that lovely golden retriever, who is Liline’s pup.

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