Japanese Toy Poodle Kokoro Is the Cutest Things You’ll See Today

It’s no secret Japanese people love all things cute or ‘kawaii’ as they call it. Whether it’s a coffee shop dedicated solely to cats and the experience of having fun with them or a whole culture built around cute anime characters, the Japanese surely know how to create sweet and endearing trends. The new Toy Poodle trend may not be taking over the world yet, but it surely has won enough hearts for the Internet to notice. Meet Kokoro, a sweet little Toy Poodle that lives in Japan. He likes to hang out with his owner and explore the city.

When you look at Kokoro it’s hard to believe that it’s an actual dog and not a plush toy. Well, the breed is called Toy Poodle for a reason!

Sometimes Kokoro gets to hang out with his equally cute friends to create happy memories together.

Kokoro may look small, but he definitely has a big personality. After all, ‘kokoro’ in Japanese means ‘heart’.

Do Toy Poodles like toys? I think this photo is the answer! Kokoro loves playing with his toys more than anything.

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