This Unreal Flower Farm Makes The Most Gorgeous Floral Arrangements

You can make your home as fancy as you want, but nothing will ever be as beautiful as the natural decor that plants provide – especially flowers. Florists have the privilege of carefully arranging nature’s gifts into different forms, with their imaginations.

Erin Benzakein runs a flower farm called Floret Flowers with her family in Skagit Valley, Washington. In 2001, Erin and her husband moved to the Valley, which is about an hour north of Seattle. They did it to seek a more simple and peaceful lifestyle to raise children in.

Erin actually spent most of her childhood at her great grandparents home in the country, which is where she developed a love for nature. She decided to return to her roots with her kids. Many people who live in the city are now considering doing the same. There’s just something meditative about being surrounded by nature.

She started with a small backyard garden before Floret exploded into a teaching farm and seed company. Then, strangers started asking Benzakein to order flowers, even though she never intended to sell them. When she sold her first bouquet, the customer cried as she was transported back to childhood summers.

Watching how a floral arrangement could bring such emotions and connect two people who didn’t know each other made Erin want to pursue this career. The next year, she replaced all of her veggies with flowers, and did the same with the orchard.

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